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Richard Sherwin

Richard J. (“Dick”) Sherwin has been involved in wireless communications and radio frequency transmission for the past 30 years. Together with a number of telecommunications veterans, he founded and funded Spot On Networks, LLC, a provider of wireless telecommunications for the Multifamily Residential and Multitenant commercial building industry.

Dick, in his past life, served as Chief Executive Officer of Metromedia International Telecommunications, Inc., and as a member of the Board of Directors of Metromedia International Group, Inc. since its inception. He was instrumental in establishing approximately 47 wireless and wired telecommunications ventures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union Republics in wireless telecommunications including cellular telephony, cable television and radio paging.

His background in wireless communications provided an expertise in the field such that he was asked to testify at the recent United States Senate Judiciary Hearing on the Comcast-Time Warner merger.