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Luke Lucas

Senior Manager of 5G Smart & Indoor Coverage, T-Mobile

Luke Lucas

Senior telecomm executive with a unique background at the intersection of cellular technology, innovation, public policy, and real estate.

Over the course of my career, I’ve brought an entrepreneurial lens to the challenge of building cellular coverage projects and programs from the ground up.

Most recently I put this entrepreneurial spirit to work helping to launch a unique national T-Mobile program, now five (5) years old, called ‘Build Your Own Coverage’, also know as BYOC. It focuses on property operators and building owners to deliver stronger cellular on-site coverage. Outdoor technology now must come indoors.

To enable seamless multi-device connectivity outdoors and indoors is vital to today’s minimum customer expectations. Its all about the consumer experience – public safety/911 and to help businesses and communities communicate more effectively.

At T-Mobile, I lead our BYOC team focused on developing smart airports, buildings and cites through direct engagement and partnership. This allows incorporation of smart technology and IoT/M2M to flourish.

Areas of special focus:
– In-building wireless deployments
– Smart building/smart city technologies
– All aspects of Network Deployment