CBRS has been called the great gift that the Government has given to the real estate business. Find out what this means for your go forward strategy and what others are doing with CBRS and Private LTE to manage their buildings.

Mark Louison has a long-storied career in the communications space. Listen in as Rich and Mark talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to communications and the in-building ecosystem.

Return to work is coming quickly and building owners need to be ready. What are the most basic needs for properly managing the flxible work environment that people will find when they go back to the office? How will Cybersecurity, Tenant amenity platforms, remote work situations be handled and what are your needs to run all of this.

Open RAN is a very hot topic for the future of equipment choices for In- Building wireless. It looks to create the interoperrabklity of inexpensive and high functioning gear and may be the future of all communications gear. Or is it just a niche product that will be useful for a limited amount of uses? Listen in to our panel to find out the reality.

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