One of the risks of connected buildings is the exposure to cybersecurity breaches. With terrabytes of critical data being generated and exchanged in and out of the building, the risk of hacking or malicious activity in buildings is real. Learn how to protect your assets and your building data through a robust cybersecurity plan that includes data management, governance, and protection.

Mark Louison has a long-storied career in the communications space. Listen in as Rich and Mark talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to communications and the in-building ecosystem.

The Internet of Things is making a big impact on our ability to measure, manage, and control physical space. Whether it's sensors, switches, equipment, or other connected devices, the ability to integrate "things" allows data to flow instantaneously from one system to another. This session will focus on what an IoT strategy should include, why you need an IoT strategy, and how to get started.

Return to work is coming quickly and building owners need to be ready. What are the most basic needs for properly managing the flxible work environment that people will find when they go back to the office? How will Cybersecurity, Tenant amenity platforms, remote work situations be handled and what are your needs to run all of this.

Can it really happen? Can tenants decide to reject the network that you have installed? Or request a variation of what you have planned. Hear from two experienced Real Estate leaders and a prominent indusry expert weigh in on how CBRS and DAS can coexist and also cause issues for building owners. What does this mean for carrier/tenant/owner relationships and what can be done to amelieorate these issues.

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