Warren, NJ—Fifth Gen Media, publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine, has partnered with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and Proptech Challenge to present the Connected Virtual Tech Event on November 16 and 17.

“The Next Generation of Events” will be attendees’ guide to all things CBRS, private LTE, IoT, public safety smart buildings and more—all on an exciting new virtual platform. Companies can work with a project manager to create their own virtual booth. Meanwhile, Connected Virtual Tech Event participants can watch and interact with exhibitors that include real estate leaders, public safety officials, wireless providers, hotel operators, municipal government officials and more.

Fifth Gen Media and the REBNY Proptech Challenge will use a new platform for the Connected Virtual Tech Event to make it the show as close to a live event as possible. Attendees can see friends, clients and prospects and interact with them right away. The platform will add a “game like experience” to the event and is expected to bring some excitement to attendees who may be dealing with “show fatigue” in recent years.

“Since this is our third event in the series and there are so many virtual events popping up, I felt that we needed to make a significant innovation in our platform, our partners and our content. We have chosen an interactive, gaming-based platform that allows attendees to actually interact with exhibitors, speakers and each other. Not in a chat format but in a conversational and communicative way. Even more important we have partnered with the REBNY Proptech Challenge to be part of this event with us and fully participate with us. Our theme this time will be “The psychology of making people feel comfortable to return to work because I think that is an entirely overlooked aspect our dilemma right now.

“We are very excited about our 4th annual PropTech Challenge, adding Showcase and Round Table elements to our expanded event with Connected Real Estate Magazine. This year’s focus is on helping owners and managers get tenants back into our buildings safely and securely. We’ll be raising awareness to some exciting PropTech uncovered by the REBNY Technology Committee as we reimagine operations, leasing, and development in an ever changing world.” said Sandy Jacolow PropTech Challenge Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer at Meridian Capital.

The event’s theme will focus on what’s on a lot of real estate leaders’ minds right now—“What do I need to do to get my tenants back in my buildings, safely and confidently?” The Connected Virtual Tech Event will comprise an assortment of panels, keynotes, one-on-one discussions and presentations that will help answer this question. These sessions will include a keynote presentation by award-winning author, journalist, and speaker Jennifer Moss on how connectivity and technology can help people can feel safe as they return to work.

Other panels will include how CBRS will enable the return to work flow, how 5G could enhance the office of the future, IoT and its impact on returning to work and more.

The Connected Virtual Tech Event will be live from 10AM to 5 PM EST on November 16 and 17. Visit ConnectedVirtualShows.com today to register and for more information.



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The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) is the City’s leading real estate trade association. Founded in 1896, REBNY represents commercial, residential, and institutional property owners, builders, managers, investors, brokers, and salespeople; banks, financial service companies, utilities, attorneys, architects, and contractors; corporations, co-partnerships, and individuals professionally interested in New York City real estate. REBNY conducts research on various civic matters including tax policy, city planning and zoning, rental conditions, land use policy, building codes, and other city, state, and federal legislation. REBNY regularly publishes market data, policy reports, and broker surveys. In addition, REBNY provides for its members: informational, technical, and technological resources; networking and charitable service opportunities; qualifying and continuing education courses; professional education programs, seminars, and designations; career-changing awards; legal advice; and a wide range of additional member benefits.


The PropTech Challenge was born out of the inaugural REBNY Tech Hackathon, part of New York Real Estate Tech Week 2017. The REBNY Tech Hackathon was launched over a 3-day period, bringing together some of the brightest minds in real estate and technology. The objective of the hackathon was to inspire cutting edge solutions solving real world challenges faced by today’s leading real estate companies. Building upon the hackathon’s success, PropTech Challenge aims to remove the geographical boundaries

and time constraints commonly imposed through on-site hackathons. The Challenge leverages the wealth of technology talent in New York City and beyond, aiming to be the world’s leading virtual real estate hackathon series. As we cultivate partnerships around the world, the series aims to drive innovation focusing on the needs of New York City’s real estate market. PropTech Challenge was conceptualized by Sandy Jacolow, Duke Long, and Ryan J. S. Baxter. Digital Marketing assistance provided by Alicia Jacolow. The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) is the PropTech Challenge Founding Partner.

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