CBRS is the great gift from the government that any enterprise may use for free. It can be a great way to help gather, organize and record data in your building. Hear case studies and details on how to use it effectively for the return to work.

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The future of work is digital. Data will be used to automate and make optimal decisions on operations, space management, and most of all -- occupant experience. We’ll discuss strategies and use cases for applying real time data to monitor, report, and predict occupancy, space utilization, indoor air quality, temperature, energy usage, employee satisfaction, and other critical data sets. Learn from the experts on how technology and digitization are foundational to the future of work.

Take a break and network with familiar and new faces in the exhibit hall. 

The relationship with your communications vendor may be the most important part of a great strategy. Understanding that your MEP contractor may not have all the knowledge you need to be properly situated with your network and its security protocols. Be informed and aware of how to design a great communications program and make it work for you and your partners.

The retail landscape has been under great stress due to the scarcity of people coming back to work or shopping in person. This session will present creative ideas and alternatives to help landlords replace lost retail tenants and revenues. We'll take a look at the increasing demand and business benefits for such options as medical clinics, childcare, entertainment, cannabis shops, and more!


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredibly hot topic in real estate today, but there is much more to IoT than just sensors feeding data to reporting dashboards. IoT is thing-to-thing, system-to-system communications -- building automation on steroids. This panel will discuss the various strategies and use cases of IoT for real estate and provide guidance on how to get the most value out of IoT applications.


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Topic: Building Operations & Wellness - Part II

Topic: Building Operations & Wellness - Part II

Topic: Building Operations & Wellness - Part II