CONNECTED & Present the VIRTUAL TECH EVENT November 16-17, 2020 MORE INFO VIRTUAL TECH EVENT MORE INFO November 16-17, 2020 Your guide to all things CBRS, Private LTE, IoT, Public Safety, Smart Buildings & more, on an exciting new virtual platform MORE INFO How to get tenants back into buildings safely and securely

The Connected Virtual Tech Event is an online program where people can meet each other and find valuable sources of information. Without the constraint of travel, a large group of people can have meaningful online interactions that flourish into promising opportunities. Attendees can log-in on November 16-17, between the hours of 10AM and 5pm EST.

This online event is perfect for real estate leaderspublic safety officialswireless providersmunicipal government officialshospital administratorshealthcare providershotel operators and more.


We are pleased to announce that we will be doing this event, in conjunction with, REBNY, one of the most prestigious real estate organizations in the country. There will be a show within a show, with the intention of showcasing new proptech firms that have been chosen by the Proptech Challenge to present.




In the spirit of the way we try to innovate, we will be using a new, totally different platform based on gaming technology that will change the entire virtual experience. On this new platform, you will have the closest experience to a live trade show, possible, where you can see friends, clients, or prospects and interact with them, on the spot. This is unique among virtual platforms and adds an entirely new dimension to trade shows. We expect this to become the future of virtual events. And better yet, it’s free for attendees. So the real question is, why not?


Right now there is one overarching topic that real estate leaders are interested in – “What do I need to do to get my tenants back in my buildings, safely and confidently?” We have made this our messaging, too. Through an assortment of panels, keynotes, one-on-one discussions and presentations, we will bring information and data that you probably won’t hear anywhere else, in one event:

The Psychology of Making People feel safe as they Return to work with Connectivity and Technology
Hear the challenges and successes from the people living through this crisis
Alternatives for replacing lost retail revenues, such as, medical offices, childcare, entertainment, and cannabis
Public safety for real estate owners; what you need to know

Virtual Tech Event


Hear from a professional on one of the most important factors in  the return to work is making people feel safe and the psychology of doing so. Jennifer Moss is an author, speaker and thought leader in behavioral sciences and will help real estate leaders understand the need to not only make buildings safe, but to help employees feel that they are safe.

There is not a more important topic for real estate right now than getting people to return to work.  Top commercial and corporate real estate executives will discuss some of the tech strategies and solutions they are using to get employees and tenants back in their buildings, safely and securely.  Learn about some of the unique challenges and creative solutions they are deploying to get people back in their buildings!


Take a break and network with familiar and new faces in the exhibit hall. 

If it isn't connected, it isn't smart! A unified building network serves the foundation for smart building system integration and automation, but most buildings still don't have a facility network in place. This session will discuss the importance of network architecture and security, along with the many reasons why having a secure building network is critical for data collection, data transmission, and building automation.

Digital Workplace is the new buzz word for smart offices and the next big thing for connected real estate.  So, what does the future hold for digital workplace, workplace automation, and smart workplace mobile apps?  Hear from seasoned workplace experts on how digital transformation is impacting the future of work, and the positive and negative impacts it has on the overall occupant experience.

The top criteria for getting people back in buildings are health, safety, and security. We'll explore the various technologies and strategies that support health and wellness and provide a safe environment for building occupants. From indoor air quality to in-building public safety to location based services, this panel will cover what it takes to keep people safe.

Find out what you need to know about Colony Capital's rotation to digital real estate.


CBRS is the great gift from the government that any enterprise may use for free. It can be a great way to help gather, organize and record data in your building. Hear case studies and details on how to use it effectively for the return to work.

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The future of work is digital. Data will be used to automate and make optimal decisions on operations, space management, and most of all -- occupant experience. We’ll discuss strategies and use cases for applying real time data to monitor, report, and predict occupancy, space utilization, indoor air quality, temperature, energy usage, employee satisfaction, and other critical data sets. Learn from the experts on how technology and digitization are foundational to the future of work.

Take a break and network with familiar and new faces in the exhibit hall. 

The relationship with your communications vendor may be the most important part of a great strategy. Understanding that your MEP contractor may not have all the knowledge you need to be properly situated with your network and its security protocols. Be informed and aware of how to design a great communications program and make it work for you and your partners.

The retail landscape has been under great stress due to the scarcity of people coming back to work or shopping in person. This session will present creative ideas and alternatives to help landlords replace lost retail tenants and revenues. We'll take a look at the increasing demand and business benefits for such options as medical clinics, childcare, entertainment, cannabis shops, and more!


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredibly hot topic in real estate today, but there is much more to IoT than just sensors feeding data to reporting dashboards. IoT is thing-to-thing, system-to-system communications -- building automation on steroids. This panel will discuss the various strategies and use cases of IoT for real estate and provide guidance on how to get the most value out of IoT applications.

Proptech Challenge


- Introduction
- Panel Discussion
- Product Demonstrations
- Closing Remarks / Video Montage
- Roundtable Discussion
- Introduction
- Panel Discussion
- Product Demonstrations
- Closing Remarks / Video Montage
- Roundtable Discussion


- Introduction
- Panel Discussion
- Product Demonstrations
- Closing Remarks / Video Montage
- Roundtable Discussion
- Introduction
- Panel Discussion
- Product Demonstrations
- Closing Remarks / Video Montage
- Roundtable Discussion



The spread of COVID-19, subsequent economic downturn and regulatory responses have all significantly impacted rental real estate. From past experience, we know that disruptive times call upon effective leaders to catalyze foundational changes to their businesses. Building owners and operators reacted quickly, shifting leasing, maintenance, remote working strategies and more to adapt to the initial shock. But which adaptations will stick? Join us for a presentation on what's here to stay in the industry and strategies resilient organizations are taking to emerge from this period in a position of strength. At the end of this session, participants will: 

· Understand the impact of remote work, not only on your operations, but its effect on communities, amenities, renovations, and construction

· Determine which investments are worthwhile and which will be obsolete due to a trend actually becoming a fad

· Develop a roadmap based on best practices to modernize your business and make it resilient to future external shocks

Open Networking and Moderated Discussion: Join BuildingsNY's Show Vice President, Chyai Mulberg for an open networking and moderated Discussion around best practices for business development and staying current in today's mercurial environment.

Join Schindler’s Mark Freeman as he provides crucial information on how elevators can provide a true back-to-work solutions for your tenants. As the Vice President for Schindler’s Modernization Business for U.S. markets, and with deep experience in destination dispatch, Mark is uniquely positioned to explain the latest technologies being employed in the elevator industry, providing solutions you can use right now.

Mark will detail how you can control the flow while safely managing lobby and elevator space; explain new methods for dispatching and cleaning air and surfaces in elevators and escalators; and detail RFID technologies being employed for touchless operations.

Mark will then discuss Schindler’s newest advancement, PORT (Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal), allowing building owners and property managers to optimize traffic flow through buildings and realize as much as a 50% improvement in handling capacity, wait, and destination times, while offering personalized service and access control.

Read Mark’s thoughts on how elevator modernization is alleviating tenant anxiety in the October, 26, 2020 edition of The New York Times. You can find Michael Wilson’s article here.

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