VIRTUAL TECH EVENT Register for Free APRIL 28-29, 2021 Your guide to all things Smart Buildings, IoT, In-Building Wireless, Digital Workplace, Proptech and more, using an interactive virtual platform.

Following a successful first event in the Purple World, we invite you to return with us on April 28th and 29th to experience the same exciting platform, with a brand new floor setup!

The Connected Virtual Tech Event is an online program where people can meet each other and find valuable sources of information. Without the constraint of travel, a large group of people can have meaningful online interactions that flourish into promising opportunities. Unlike other virtual trade shows, you can actually speak and interact directly to others in the platform, all from the comfort of wherever you may be working.

This online event is perfect for real estate leaderspublic safety officialswireless providersmunicipal government officialshospital administratorshealthcare providershotel operators and more.

April 28, 2021

In the spirit of innovation, we are using a platform that’s based on gaming technology to change the entire virtual experience. In the Purple World, you will have the closest experience to a live trade show, possible, where you can see friends, clients, or prospects and interact with them, on the spot. This is unique among virtual platforms and adds an entirely new dimension to trade shows. We expect this to become the future of virtual events. And better yet, it’s free for attendees. So the real question is, why not?


We are committed to addressing issues that are relevant NOW. Through an assortment of panels, keynotes, one-on-one discussions and presentations, we bring information and data that you probably won’t hear anywhere else, in one event. Here are some featured topics:

Technologies for Getting People Back to Work
Cybersecurity and Data Governance
Communications Requirements for a Flexible Work Environment
Real Estate Applications for Private LTE / CBRS
Data-Driven Insights on the Future of Work


The C Band auction is over and the 5G landscape is getting clearer. The dawn of 6G is starting to emerge and it's worth getting some idea of what these two ecosystems will work in tandem to provide the next generation of communications that we will all enjoy in the future. Time lines, technologies and benefits of these new networks will be highlighted.

Scott Rechler is one of the most interesting executives on the real estate scene today. Hear what he has to say about a number of far reaching topics in this must see Fireside Chat with Scott.

The future of work is digital. With terrabytes of real-time data being generated from both the building and its occupants, how do you manage all this information? Data aggregation and analysis will be more critical than ever to maximize building operations and contributing to an enhanced end user experience -- and applications for navigating the new workplace will be vital for building owners, managers, tenants and employees. This session will discuss the how a data-driven approach will provide the insights needed to manage the future of work.

What does the workplace look like post-COVID -- and what technologies are needed to support getting people back to work? This panel of workplace strategists and technology experts will discuss the most important technologies for return to work, including mobile apps, resource management, touchless solutions, indoor air quality, and occupany management.

There is a changing landscape for the in building network space happening as our event unfolds. New technologies, frequency bands and payment schemes are popping up all the time. Is a managed service play the best way to protect yourself from the shifting landscape? Is and Third Party Operator more workable or is there another, better startegy for your building?

Real estate owners are being challenged every day to deliver high-performing buildings that enable people to work, meet, and collaborate in a healthy and productive environment. And now the worlds of smart buildings and smart workplaces are colliding to create even more innovative uses for integration and automation. Using a Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) enables efficient data aggregation from both worlds for a "single source of truth" -- creating more efficient processes, significantly reducing costs, and optimizing the performace of the building and its occupants.


CBRS has been called the great gift that the Government has given to the real estate business. Find out what this means for your go forward strategy and what others are doing with CBRS and Private LTE to manage their buildings.

Mark Louison has a long-storied career in the communications space. Listen in as Rich and Mark talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to communications and the in-building ecosystem.

Return to work is coming quickly and building owners need to be ready. What are the most basic needs for properly managing the flxible work environment that people will find when they go back to the office? How will Cybersecurity, Tenant amenity platforms, remote work situations be handled and what are your needs to run all of this.

Open RAN is a very hot topic for the future of equipment choices for In- Building wireless. It looks to create the interoperrabklity of inexpensive and high functioning gear and may be the future of all communications gear. Or is it just a niche product that will be useful for a limited amount of uses? Listen in to our panel to find out the reality.